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My Story

I am known as a nurturing guide with an uplifting and gentle spirit.


My healing work integrates a profound understanding and experience of healing states and practices, gained over 30 years of working deeply with people on their healing journeys, as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Holistic Energy Practitioner, Shamanic Healer and leader of Sacred Healing ceremonies for people, places and the earth.


As well as my formal training in Psychology and Energy Healing, (B.A.Psych., Voice Dialogue, Energetics & Rel Counselling - USA);  my quest to understand the nature of healing, and healing states of consciousness, led me to the study and practice of the sacred healing arts of the ancient wisdom traditions and traditional land based cultures. This included undergoing a rigorous spiritual initiation and retreat over a period of eight years before entering into the practice of spiritual and shamanic healing. I have witnessed, participated in and led healing ceremonies in Australia and the US and through a personal spiritual awakening many years ago began to re-member the ancient Knowledge I carry from my spiritual lineage.

My gift is in being able to share and impart this deep Knowing through my healing sessions and ceremonies, which for me are sacred healing journeys.


My Philosophy

Everything we need is known within us.


Healing takes place as we come into unity within our whole selves, wholeness; allowing us to experience the ever present peace and clarity within our essential being. We are then no longer looking outside of ourselves for peace and healing, but falling back into the stillness and wholeness that we already are.


We rest in the stillness and freedom within us, and allow that which is needed at this particular time to come forward within us to guide, nurture and uplift us. 

I call this, and experience this,  as re-connecting with our Higher Self and through this enter into unity with the universal intelligence of Oneness. The sacred space of healing and wholeness.

"Susan James has done some amazing work with us. She led a drumming-healing workshop at our property, she also helped with the last week of my mother's passing with a very sensitive ceremony honoring my mother's life and assisting with her transition. She has performed a personal healing session for both of us working with sensitivity, honour and a strong and profound energetic presence.
"Her work is giving much needed healing to the earth and is helping people on their journeys. Her understanding is deep and she brings an intelligence and focus to her work.
"Susan is in touch with the mystery and we feel privileged to know her. We would recommend Susan's work to anyone who requires contact with the subtle energies, the earth spirit and universal intelligence." 
                                                                                  K & M Roberts
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